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July/August 2012 - Advance for Imaging & Radiation Oncology
Growth and Challenge

July 2012 - Imaging Economics
IR on the Rise

November 2011 - Imaging Economics
A Natural Remedy

August 2011 - Advance for Imaging & Radiation Oncology
Tips for Today's Successful Radiology Group Administrators (Webinar)

August 2010 - Advance for Imaging & Radiation Oncology
Beyond Reform

January 2010 - Advance for Imaging & Radiation Oncology
Thinking Ahead

November 2009 - Advance for Imaging & Radiation Oncology
Win, Lose or Draw?

July/August 2009 - Advance Imaging Magazine
Navigating The Joint Venture Highway

December 2008 - Enterprise Imaging
Hard Hit: How Imaging Centers Can Thrive in 2009

October 2008 - Imaging Economics
Building An Arsenal (courtesy of Imaging Economics)

March 2007 - Diagnostic Imaging Scan
Hospitals and outpatient imaging: Are they ready?

February 2007 - Diagnostic Imaging Scan
Long-dreaded DRA enters phase one

January 2007 - Diagnostic Imaging Scan
Betting on winners and losers in 2007

January 2007 - Bay Area Oncology News
Lung screening: a value-added tool for treating at risk patients?

December 2006 - Diagnostic Imaging Scan
Reimbursement woes redirect provider attention

December 2006 - Bay Area Oncology News
A bigger bang: DRA sending shock waves

November 2006 - Diagnostic Imaging Scan
Outpatient imaging caught in political cross fire

November 2006 - Diagnostic Imaging
Hands-on know-how guides successful switch to 3T

October 2006 - Diagnostic Imaging Scan
The Marketing Value of CME

September 2006 - Diagnostic Imaging Scan
The Multi-Modality Revolution offers Business Opportunities for Vendors

August 2006 - Diagnostic Imaging Scan
How to get cardiac outpatient CT off the ground

July 2006 - Diagnostic Imaging Scan
Preparing for Today’s Financing Labyrinth.

July 2006 - RT Image
A Group Effort by Steven R. Renard, MBA

June 2006 - Outpatient Care Technology
The Changing Face of Outpatient Care Technology

June 2006 - Diagnostic Imaging Scan
The Deficit Reduction Act: What We Can Do About It.

May 2006 - Diagnostic Imaging Scan
Regulatory compliance and its effect on customer - vendor relationship

April 2006 - Diagnostic Imaging Scan
The role of the IT vendor in outpatient imaging


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