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"Working with reliable, professional consultants is essential to our group. Our collaborations with Steve Renard and DRS have been exceptional. Steve is always well organized and mindful of detail. His knowledge of radiology and his connections to the larger radiology community are impressive. His fresh ideas and constructive ways to approach situations have helped us with strategic planning, hospital negotiations, vendor negotiations, financial planning and all phases of constructing several imaging centers.  I think very highly of Steve both personally and professionally." Kenneth Averill, Jr., M.D.,  President, Radiology Medical Group of Santa Cruz County, Inc.


Diagnostic Radiology | Radiation Oncology | Ambulatory Surgery

Radiology Consultants

The diagnostic radiology, radiation oncology and surgical center industries have become more volatile and uncertain in regard to competition, regulatory changes and the reimbursement landscape. Medical groups and executive management teams for medical imaging, radiation oncology and surgery center companies are dealing with different complexities than they did only a few years ago. There are many concerns about how to gain the competitive advantage given the future direction of these industries. 

The professionals at DRS work closely with their clients to identify opportunities and provide the most reliable knowledge and expertise to improve performance. Our areas of expertise include:

  • Financial performance analysis
  • Reimbursement trend analysis
  • Billing analysis
  • Economic feasibility services
  • Buy-in/Buy-out arrangements
  • Practice location analysis
  • Practice start-up
  • Physician recruitment
  • Physician contract review and negotiation
  • Lease negotiation
  • Joint venture development
  • Equipment purchase/sale negotiation
  • Gross Purchasing Organizations negotiation
  • Construction & development consulting & coordination
  • Asset evaluation and procurement
  • Loan procurement
  • Third party market valuation assessments
  • Capital formation & corporate finance services


(formerly known as Diagnostic Radiology Services LLC)
Leading the industry in radiology consulting, radiology management, radiation oncology consulting, radiation oncology management, and ambulatory surgery consulting in hospital and outpatient settings.

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