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Our Executive Team

  • Steven R. Renard
    President and CEO

  • Janelle Deplitch
    Vice President, Member

  • Renee Kavon
    Vice President, Member

  • Anthony Draye
    Vice President for Information Technology



The principals of Diagnostic Radiology and Oncology Services (DRS) achieve bottom-line results through the extensive experience they have garnered as owner-operators of highly successful diagnostic radiology centers, as well as having managed profitable centers for leading medical imaging, radiation oncology and ambulatory surgery companies nationwide. Today DRS Principals are nationally recognized for providing premiere radiology, oncology and surgery center solutions with core competencies in business development, strategic planning, day-to-day management, acquisition due diligence and debt restructure.

We are uniquely able to help our clients achieve success in essentially every aspect of their diagnostic radiology, radiation oncology and surgery center operations and management, including: site development, daily operations, marketing, utilization management, contract negotiation, joint-venture development, equipment purchase, capital formation and construction for build-outs, and more.

With regard to acquisitions and mergers, DRS understands the inherent buyer and seller complexities and appreciates what is at stake in regard to the human, financial and timing perspectives on both sides of the negotiation.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss how we may help to enhance the operational and financial performance of your business.

Steven R. Renard
President, C.E.O.
Diagnostic Radiology and Oncology Services LLC


(formerly known as Diagnostic Radiology Services LLC)
Leading the industry in radiology consulting, radiology management, radiation oncology consulting, radiation oncology management, and ambulatory surgery consulting in hospital and outpatient settings.

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